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Fort Supply Technologies

Fort Supply Technologies (FST or FaST) is a proven leader of livestock identification, management and regulatory inspection systems. FST products improve productivity and accuracy putting more money to the bottom line of a producer and less cost to a regulatory agency. All FST products run on field rugged, hand held PC’s that work in any rain, snow or dust you do. Product names include; FaST Auction, FaST eCVI (and/or Brand), FaST Audit, and FaST EID. FST systems work with any RFID reader, hand or panel, and most scale indicators through industrial grade wireless Bluetooth.

Fort Supply provides free live web demonstrations, in addition to unprecedented help getting you started and supporting you down the road.

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Vet Sentry is proud to partner with Fort supply to provide in the field or at the auction fully electronic CVI's.

USA Herds

Does your state currently use USA Herds for your Animal Tracking and Health information? If so, Vet Sentry can work with USA Herds to move data directly from our eCVIs to your USA Herds software. A seamless integration can be established between the two companies for the flow of eCVI data. No more retyping of data, no more misinformation!

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