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Prioritize Comfort and Care with the Leading Animal Shipping Companies

Every day, thousands of animals are transported around the country. When you want to prioritize comfort and care, choose a dog shipping company that values health and wellness. Vet Sentry is the leading animal shipping service in the country, uniting pets with their owners while protecting health and comfort. We specialize in interstate animal transport in the safest and most secure way that keeps the animals calm and happy while they move to their new residence. With over 10 years in the industry, Vet Sentry provides peace of mind at every step of the process.

Pet Shipping Services Offering Peace of Mind from A to B

Travel can be an extremely stressful time for an animal. Not only are they confined to a smaller space than usual, the stress of being taken out of their comfortable environment can be debilitating. Vet Sentry offers a dog and cat shipping service that ensures comfort throughout the whole process. Our vast experience in the industry has enabled us to identify the factors that can ease the transition for your pets, while providing you with peace of mind when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Learn More About Our Interstate Animal Transport Today

It can be an extremely stressful time as a pet owner when you need to transport your animal from one place to another. And now, more and more states are requiring an eCVI for travel. Vet Sentry offers an easier and more efficient way to protect the comfort and health of your pet. For more information, call today at (320) 334-2875.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ship an animal out of the country, it is necessary to have the proper certificates showing that the animal is healthy and that it has had all of the necessary screenings from a vet. An eCVI is an electronic version of a certificate of veterinary inspection that accomplishes this goal. In addition, you will still need to use the APHIS Form 7001.

In all cases it is necessary to submit an APHIS Form 7001. Some states also require a electronic form as well such as VetSentry. This electronic version of documentation typically provides for all of the needs of the airline or other transportation company to make moving the animal a bit easier in most cases, and it alerts a state about an animal movement faster. There is a box at the top of the VetSentry eCVI form that you check for international use.

Some states no longer use or accept the APHIS Form 7001. Each state sets its own rules and requirements for this type of travel. It is up to them to determine what is enough information as well as what type of information they need. They also may elect to use this type of electronic verification because it is easier to manage and use. A veterinarian can help you manage which states still allow the paper certificate.

This is an ongoing and changing process. If you are unsure if your state requires the eCVI, it is best to contact a shipping company to get more information. Many states are starting to require an eCVI such as VetSentry along with the APHIS Form 7001. A veterinarian can assist you with this requirement.

An eCVI provides important information about the health and wellbeing of an animal that is traveling over state lines. This helps to minimize the spread of illness among animals, and in some cases, there are regulations on how individuals can move animals. But it also is a faster means to communicate what animals are coming in and what possible concerns there may be impacting the import and possibly even catch issues before the animal leaves.

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