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Some helpful videos

Vet Sentry Testimonals

Dr. Judy Gibbons

Dr. Judy Gibbons, North Dakota shares her thoughts

Vet Sentry 7 Feature

Vet Sentry 7 - Feature Video

This Vet Sentry 7 Feature video guide walks you through all the easy to use features of creating electronic certificates of veterinary inspection.

Some helpful videos to get you started

Vet Sentry 7 - How to Enter a eCVI manually

This video demonstrates signing on to your account and bringing up a blank health certificate and submitting a completed eCVI.

Vet Sentry 7 - Signup and purchase eCVIs

How to sign up on line to for a Vet Sentry Account and how to purchase electronic eCVIs.

Some helpful setup videos to get your browser to work with our software

Vet Sentry 7 - Setting up Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers

How to set Adobe Reader as the default reader for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. This video will show what settings need to be changed to make Adobe Reader your default reader inside of your browser to use Vet Sentry 7 electronic health certificates.

Vet Sentry 7 Adobe,- IE, Chrome, Firefox Setup

Vet Sentry 7 setup of Adobe, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

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