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Every day, thousands of animals are transported around the country. When you want to prioritize comfort and care, choose a dog shipping company that values health and wellness. Vet Sentry is the leading animal shipping service in the country, uniting pets with their owners while protecting health and comfort. We specialize in interstate animal transport in the safest and most secure way that keeps the animals calm and happy while they move to their new residence. With over 10 years in the industry, Vet Sentry provides peace of mind at every step of the process.

Pet Shipping Services Offering Peace of Mind from A to B

Travel can be an extremely stressful time for an animal. Not only are they confined to a smaller space than usual, the stress of being taken out of their comfortable environment can be debilitating. Vet Sentry offers a dog and cat shipping service that ensures comfort throughout the whole process. Our vast experience in the industry has enabled us to identify the factors that can ease the transition for your pets, while providing you with peace of mind when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

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It can be an extremely stressful time as a pet owner when you need to transport your animal from one place to another. And now, more and more states are requiring an eCVI for travel. Vet Sentry offers an easier and more efficient way to protect the comfort and health of your pet. For more information, call today at (320) 334-2875.



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