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Common Problems Observed on Certificates for Live Animal Movement

Certificates of veterinary inspection (CVI), also called health certificates, are used to legally transport animals across states or internationally. These CVIs must be completed fully and accurately according to the requirements of the destination location, whether a state or country. If these documents are incomplete or inaccurate, or if proper vaccinations or testing has not been done, the animals may be refused entry, held at ports, confiscated, returned to the premises of origin, or even destroyed. At a minimum, errors can significantly delay the entry of these animals into the receiving country.

At Vet Sentry, we offer an efficient software tool that enables you to produce electronic CVIs quickly for your clients.

Common Animal Health Certificate Errors

Some common examples of certificate errors that can disrupt the movement of animals into a foreign destination include:

  • Using an improper CVI (health certificate) form
  • Using a USAHA approved eCVI vendor
  • Failure to attach vaccinations certificates, test results, or other supporting documents
  • Veterinarian issuing the certificate lacks the proper USDA accreditation to do so
  • Veterinarian issuing the certificate is not USDA accredited in the state in which the certificate was issued
  • Out-of-date or missing certification statements
  • Failure to record complete name and address of place of origin (consignor) and/or destination (consignee) on the certificate. The address may not be a P.O. Box.
  • Improper or non-matching identification of animal on documents
  • Unreadable or missing veterinarian signature and date
  • Test results or health certificate completed outside the allowable timeframe
  • Incomplete or ineligible writing
  • Mistakes improperly corrected – white-out should never be used on these documents. Instead, veterinarians should cross-out and initial any mistakes.
  • Improper test performed
  • Failure to use the required date formats for IHCs
  • Failure to include the correct user fee with the health certification submitted for endorsement by the APHIS

Interstate Animal Movement Requirements

Quick, accurate access to state import requirements for livestock.


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