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eCVI features

  • Low cost
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Required fields insure compliance & accuracy
  • Saved templates for returning clients
  • Automatically sends completed eCVI’s to State Animal Health Officials
  • Copies can be printed and emailed to client

eCVI features

Search on these popular search fields:

  • Certificate Number
  • Certificate Date
  • Consignor
  • Consignee
  • Veterinarian Number
  • Official Animal ID or Animal Identification Number(s)
  • Consignee Address
  • Consignor Address
  • Animal Species
  • Number of head in the movement
  • Purpose of the movement, sale, breeding, show

Vet Sentry eCVIs

Easy to use and easy to understand!

  • The same look and feel as paper form CVI’s
  • Click from box to box and entering information quickly & effortlessly
  • Auto fills of important information, such as vet name, address, signature and date.
  • Highlighted fields must be filled in, which reduces missed information
  • Our form can be used for both large and small animals.

* Usability * Readability * Traceability *

Vet Sentry is an easy to use on-line electronic Animal Health Certificate. It has the same look and feel as your current paper Health Certificate but with an easy to use web interface. Complete your certificates on-line by using a standard Windows internet connected computer or Smart Phone.

Vet Sentry utilizes the Adobe PDF Reader as a foundation for filling in the form fields. Vet Sentry features auto generated certificate numbers, drop down boxes and check boxes, making the certificate very user friendly.

The on-line Health Certificate can be used in remote areas without internet, just fill in then submit when connected to the the internet.

The Veterinarian will fill in the required fields to complete the certificate with standard text, check boxes and date pickers. They can also import data such as Animal IDs using standard Excel formated spread sheets. Upon completion and review, the certificate is converted into an Archival Quality PDF Image.

Vet Sentry eCVIs

Newly Added Features:

Clerk Feature: Allows a designated staff member to start and assign eCVI’s to a Veterinarian to complete and submit eCVIs and place them in your private “HOLD” queue. You can then log in and submit your previously filled out eCVIs.

eCVI Revisions: Need to revise a previously completed eCVI, no problem. You can now revise eCVI and all revisions of the eCVI are kept on file.

On Hold queue: Starting and finishing a eCVI is easy. Get interrupted, no problem. You can now place your eCVI “On Hold” and finish it at a later time.

For the Veterinarian

Vet Sentry was built with the Veterinarian in mind.

At the end of a long day of working with animals, you want an easy to use, simple and straight forward electronic form.

No jumping from web page to web page and no complicated software to install.

Have hundreds of animals on a electronic CVI, no problem – same low cost!

Once you have submitted the eCVI it will automatically be forwarded to State Animal Health Offices.  Plus, you will receive a copy as well!

In order for all parties to be notified, we have addd extra email fields for clients, new owners and shippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) is a valuable tool that helps to provide health information about an animal that is traveling. The eCVI is an electronic form of this health certificate. It is typically required by federal and state organizations that help to provide documentation that an animal was inspected and found to be safe and meets all regulations within the state.

A USDA certified veterinarian has been vetted by the USDA to state and sign for the medical condition of an animal. There is a list of qualified veterinarians at https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/animalhealth/nvap/ct_areavet if you have their name and accreditation number.

An animal health certificate is a document, electronic or paper, that outlines the specific health of an animal and states that the animal meets the guidelines and regulations set by the federal or state authorities related to the animal’s health. It must be signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian. In short, it states that the animal is safe to transport based on an examination that is provided.

Many states are moving to an electronic certificate number as a way to manage a health certificate for an animal. This is commonly required when an animal will be traveling over state lines. It may be required at the federal or state level in many cases and helps to show that the animal was inspected and meets regulations.

AnThe cost of an eCVI certification is dependent on the rates charged by the issuing organization. VetSentry eCVIs are $2.85 with no upfront or monthly fees. This can change from one organization to the next. It is a good idea to request information about the costs associated with the eCVI inspection certificate before accepting it or paying for it.

Veterinarians complete a health certificate to show that an animal meets the regulations in the state. An eCVI is an electronic version of a health certificate for this. They provide the same information and are typically accepted equally amount those that are issuing them.

Completing an eCVI is a necessary step in planning the travel of an animal over state lines or internationally. Your vet can provide insight into this. You may also get help for it from an animal shipping company that may manage the process and offer guidance to you on obtaining the necessary eCVI to ensure the animal can travel.

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