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International Animal Movement

The movement of animals internationally from the United States to a foreign country occurs through a partnership between USDA APHIS Veterinarian Services and a clinical veterinarian. Regarding the export of animals from the United States, international health certificates (IHCs) and USDA Form 7001 are issued and then signed and dated by veterinarians who are USDA accredited or state licensed, or both – this depends on the animal species and destination (importing) country’s requirements. In addition to the USDA Form 7001, some states also require an electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI)/ At Vet Sentry, we offer a software solution that enables certified veterinarians to efficiently and quickly produce electronic certificates of veterinary inspection (CVI) for these states.

Requirements Before the Issuance of an IHC

Prior to issuing an international health certificate (IHC), the qualified veterinarian must confirm that all required physical exams, vaccines, lab tests, and animal/herd health verification have been completed pre-travel.

When it comes to the export of animals to destination (importing) countries, these countries for the most part require the APHIS Veterinary Services (VS) to endorse IHCs, which means they review, countersign, and stamp or emboss them. When this is the case, most of the time the veterinarian providing the IHC must be USDA accredited. APHIS VS endorsement offices usual endorse IHCs.

General Export Requirements

USDA APHIS provides an overview of the general requirements for exporting livestock, poultry, horses, and pets. These overviews provide information about current health requirements, regulations, inspections, tests, and certificates required for various animals. Refer to Form 7001 requirements https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel and https://www.aphis.usda.gov/library/forms/pdf/APHIS7001.pdf for the form.

Interstate Animal Movement Requirements

Quick, accurate access to state import requirements for livestock.


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