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Travel with a Pet from State to State

When you travel with a pet, the destination you are headed to may have specific requirements regarding animal health inspections and certificates. It is important to find out the details of these requirements before contacting your local veterinarian to assist you with pet exams and certificates of inspection.

There are various factors to consider when planning a trip to another state with your pet, such as diagnostic testing, getting updated vaccinations, medications, treatments, and obtaining a veterinary health certificate. At Vet Sentry, we are your source for the production of certificates of veterinary inspection (eCVI) in a fast and efficient manner for your veterinary practice.

Specific State Pet Travel Requirements

For specific requirements about traveling with or transporting your pet from one U.S. state to another, select your destination state from the drop-down menu on the USDA APHIS Interstate Pet Travel page. Give yourself plenty of time to comply with these requirements. Also, check your airline for any special requirements they have for pet travel if your pet is traveling by air.

You can also contact the Department of Agriculture of your destination state to learn about the legal entry requirements for pets.

Required Vaccines, Testing, Preventions

Unless a pet is too young to receive a rabies vaccine, one will always be required. States may also require other vaccines, preventions, or tests.

Driving with Your Pet

Driving your pet from one state to another may require you to get a veterinary health certificate for your pet which confirms it has received the required vaccinations and received parasite prevention for travel.

Flying with Your Pet

If you fly with your pet, you may need a veterinary health certificate PLUS a letter of acclimation, which refers to the temperature variations the pet may experience between the departure location and the destination location. Certain pet breeds and ages may encounter unsafe travel temperatures if the states they are entering have higher or lower temps than those recognizes as safe. If this is an issue with your pet, you could look into using a pet transport company.

Also, in case you need to take your pet to a veterinarian while out-of-state on an emergency basis, it is helpful to have your pet’s health and vaccination records with you, including the pet’s rabies vaccination certificate.

Interstate Animal Movement Requirements

Quick, accurate access to state import requirements for livestock.


Get Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

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