USDA Pet Health Certificates for International & Domestic Travel

A USDA pet health certificate (aka Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or CVI) is a document completed by a licensed, USDA accredited veterinarian after conducting a comprehensive examination of your pet. The document contains information about your pet such as breed, age, and if it is microchipped. It confirms that your pet is free from disease and it also stipulates the vaccines for which your pet is up to date. At Vet Sentry, we simplify the process of obtaining USDA pet health certificates. It is now possible to obtain a pet health certificate online.

Pet Health Certificates for Domestic Travel

For domestic travel, many states require a health pet veterinarian certificate (or certificate of veterinary inspection). A current, state licensed and USDA qualifying vet must perform the examination and fill out the health certificate. As part of the required exam, your vet may check your pet for heartworm disease and prescribe medication to address the problem.

Some airlines also require an acclimation certificate in addition to a USDA vet certificate. If your veterinarian does not have federal accreditation, you can find one in your local through a USDA area office or online at

Pet Health Certificates When Traveling to Another Country

A pet health certificate is also required when you travel to another country. Some countries may require additional forms from your vet beyond the vet certificate. Some nations have specific and strict requirements for pet entry, such as blood tests and vaccines. Traveling to another country with your pet can take considerable planning that takes weeks or months. The USDA requires the use of Form 7001 for your animal to travel. The USDA offers a website with information that helps you learn what may be necessary beyond a vet health certificate when travelling with your pet.

It is also important to contact the embassy or consulate in a particular nation in order to find out their requirements regarding pet travel. Speak to your veterinarian about your pet’s health condition and risk for contracting particular diseases and have your pet vaccinated according to these risks. In some countries, you may need to have your pet quarantined when you arrive.

In addition, some states now require an electronic pet health certificate (eCVI) to re-enter the US in addition to the USDA Form 7001. Vet Sentry’s electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection can satisfy this requirement as well.

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Posted on : 18 Apr 2022