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How to Create Electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Organizations that move animals to other states for adoption purposes need to obtain authorized certificates of veterinary inspection (CVI) for each animal to be transported. The states regulate the use of these certificates. Some states are progressing toward the use of electronic certificates of veterinary inspection (eCVI) and discontinuing the use of USDA 7001 paper forms because of the difficulty in tracing them and the higher risk of fraud involved with their use. You may find that the animal relocation team you work with accepts or requires the use of electronic CVIs. At Vet Sentry, we are your source for obtaining the certificates of veterinary inspection you need, whether as an individual or agricultural entity.

eCVI Benefits

The use of eCVIs provides multiple benefits. They are easy to read, search, edit, share, and store. They also save time. In order to obtain veterinary inspection health certificate, your pet must be examined by a USDA-accredited veterinarian. These vets are the ones responsible for ensuring the right forms are used and accurate entries are made when completing CVIs. They are also responsible for submitting CVIs to the correct state agencies and officials.

As a veterinarian performing animal inspections, it is important to utilize top-of-the-line reporting measures. With a PDF veterinary inspection form, you have a highly consistent reporting tool that facilitates the seamless relocation of animals.

Creating an eCVI

With Vet Sentry, you have access to an innovative way to create electronic certificates of veterinary inspection that improve readability and the traceability of animals and livestock. With our eCVI software, you can create the documentation you need directly from a mobile PDA or computer. A number of states, including Georgia, Alaska, and New York now require the use of CVIs.

Through automated data entry, time and money are saved, and the risk of failing to input vital data is lessened. The eCVIs available through Vet Sentry receive imported information from external sources such as Excel spreadsheets and ear tag readers.

At Vet Sentry, we offer a more efficient method of creating the veterinary inspection certificates required by your clients. To learn more, give us a call today at 320.216.7617 or email scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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