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Benefits of Electronic Health Record Certification

At Vet Sentry, we offer our electronic health certificate solutions to help Cat I and Cat II veterinarians. It is now possible to easily and quickly create a veterinary health certificate, while maintaining the integrity of input data. Veterinarian information quickly populates the fields enabling you to search the electronic certificate of veterinary inspection (eCVI) database with ease.

ECVIs may be filled remotely and then loaded up once an Internet connection is reestablished. At Vet Sentry, we make performing revisions easy, in addition to providing a quality checking process and effective data import capabilities. Forms may be populated and sent by email to a veterinarian to sign and submit. The form automatically prevents routine errors as it is filled out.

Once you submit the eCVI, it is sent to the relevant offices of the state veterinarian. Our electronic health record process at Vet Sentry is applicable for both the agricultural industry and for producing pet health certificates for individuals.

Powerful Benefits of Veterinary Electronic Health Record Certification Software

There are many benefits to eCVIs and the software that produces them. They include:

  1. PDF form having the same appearance and feel as traditional paper CVIs.
  2. Forms are easy to fill in with a desktop or laptop computer. Data entry is easy with the user tabbing from one field to the next.
  3. May be used in office or in the field, as it is a user-friendly, lightweight digital eCVI form.
  4. Constructed on the Adobe PDF platform with a great look and feel, it has excellent auto fill data entry features.
  5. An eCVI may be completed with little to zero training.
  6. Data may be imported from an external source or quickly-filled radio-frequency identification (RFID) spreadsheets may be used to populate data from hundreds of animals using only a few clicks.
  7. The eCVIs produced by Vet Sentry are totally searchable for animal traceability standards.
  8. Through automated capabilities, eCVIs are sent out to the veterinarian and state officials.

For more information about the veterinary electronic health record certification documents we make available through our eCVI software platform, call us today at 320.216.7617 or reach us by email at scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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