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How to Get a Dog Health Certificate?

A dog health certificate is also referred to more commonly as a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). It is similar to other certificates that confirm the health of other animals. The certificate verifies that an authorized veterinarian has performed a complete health examination of the dog and that the dog is properly vaccinated and does not carry any transmissible disease. At Vet Sentry, we offer a quick and easy way to obtain the dog health certificate you need.

A dog health certificate will verify that the dog has received the required vaccinations and treatments that make it safe for travel. It will also confirm that the dog does not have parasites or fleas. The qualified veterinarian will also check the dog for heartworm disease and provide any required medication(s) to address that condition.

Obtaining a Certificate of Dog Inspection Health Certificate

Most states will receive a dog health certificate from an accredited and licensed veterinarian that authorizes travel. The dog is deemed safe to travel after it has been checked by the vet and determined to not be a transmitter of diseases to others during travel. At that point, the veterinarian will authorize and sign the health certificate.

Some of the diseases a properly certified veterinarian will check your dog for include distemper and rabies. Only veterinarians accredited by the USDA may provide a dog health certificate. The USDA has a National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) that gives authority to veterinarians to regulate the travel of animals between states in accordance with the diagnosis of any diseases in these animals.

Using eCVI Software to Quickly and Easily Produce CVIs

Concerning animal inspections, veterinarians benefit from having access to the most reliable and efficient tools for reporting. The electronic certificate of veterinary inspection form PDF we provide gives you a uniform and dependable means of reporting that helps ensure the efficient and successful transport of animals.

Vet Sentry is here to help you get the dog health certificates you need for your clients. To learn more about how it all works, call us today at 320.216.7617 or drop us a message by email at scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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