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Low-Cost Veterinary Services and Traveling with Your Pet

Taking care of pets can be an expensive proposition. From yearly vaccines, to checkups to other veterinary emergency visits, the cost can put a big dent in your budget. Depending on your specific situation, you have thought about taking your pet to a discount veterinarian in order to some save money. Although this may be a great way for pet parents to reduce the costs of pet care, if you plan on taking your pet with you on a trip in the near future, you may want to rethink this idea. At Vet Sentry, we help you get the veterinary inspection certificates you need for your upcoming travel plans with your pet(s), including a dog health certificate for travel.

Common Pet Travel Problems

When it comes to international travel with your pet, veterinary work is a crucial component of making everything goes smoothly. You must make sure your pet has up-to-date vaccines in order to enter a new country. All paper must be completed correctly, including health certificates, quarantine import permits, and others as required.

The Problem with Low-Cost Veterinary Services and Pet Travel

Many low-cost veterinarians have not upgraded to digital yet. File cabinets work, but if you need another copy of your certificate, or they need to track down you or your animal, they will have to mail, fax or scan it to you, if they have that technology. And each time you visit your vet for a certificate, it takes them the same long time to manually fill out a form for you. Also, many states require digital forms now.

Some key information needed with a dog or cat health certificate for travel include the vaccine manufacturer’s product type, the distemper or leptospirosis number. Many low-cost, pop-up vet clinics won’t include this information. Tracking down this info from some vets may be very difficult because of the limited availability of your data.

Veterinarians that use Vet Sentry have your data at their fingertips and can print them out or email them to you in seconds. All your data is saved online so the next time your come in, it only takes seconds to update your animal and create a new certificate. This saves them time and your money. And since the State Veterinarians automatically receive the certificate when your vet enters it, tracking you or your animal down in an emergency is very easy and fast.

If you need a dog health certificate for travel or another veterinary cert, Vet Sentry is here to help. We make getting the pet certificates you need easy. To learn more, call us today at 320.216.7617 or send an email to scott@Vet-Sentry.com.


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