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What is a Pet Health Certificate and How Do I Obtain One?

pet health certificate, also certificate of veterinarian inspection (CVI), is a document your veterinarian completes after conducting a comprehensive exam of your pet. This document confirms that your pet is free of disease and has received the required up-to-date vaccines. This document also includes other information about your pet, such as breed, age, and any microchip verification. Only a licensed, USDA accredited veterinarian can provide one of these pet health certificates. If you need a CVI for upcoming travel with your pet, Vet Sentry can help you obtain a pet health certificate online in a prompt and expedited manner.

Getting a Pet Health Certificate

All states require a CVI from an USDA accredited, state licensed veterinarian for travel purposes. This type of veterinarian must exam your pet in order to issue pet health certificate. This certificate verifies that your pet has the required health for travel and is not exhibiting indications of disease that might be transmitted to people or other animals. The veterinarian may also check for heartworm disease and prescribe preventive meds to prevent that condition.

Using an online digital pet health certificate such as the Vet Sentry eCVI guarantees you and your animal passage anywhere in the US as long as your animal is healthy.

Pet Health Certificates When Traveling to Another Country

If you are traveling to another country, you will also need a health certificate. USDA/APHIS Form 7001 is still required. Some states may also require an eCVI and that’s where Vet Sentry comes in. You can check the International box on the top of the form and use the form for International travel to satisfy the electronic requirement. Most countries are very strict about these requirements, including the need for blood tests and vaccines. In some cases, it may take months of detailed planning in order to travel to another country with a pet. International travelers with pets may refer to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website for specific information about what may be needed in addition to a pet health certificate online or through another format.

You may also contact the embassy or consulate of the country of destination to learn about their regulations and requirements. Some countries and the state of Hawaii require your pet to be quarantined upon arrival.

Vet Sentry is here if you need an efficient way to obtain a pet health certificate for your clients. For more information give us a call today at 320.216.7617 or send us an email at scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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