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What is a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection?

Are you planning to take your pets or animals to another state in the U.S. or overseas in the near future? If so, you will probably need a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). At Vet Sentry, we accelerate the process of acquiring the veterinary inspection certificates you need for your travel plans.

What is a CVI?

A health certificate, which is another term for a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), is a document issued by a state, federal, tribal, or accredited veterinarian that confirms that the animal(s) listed on the document have been inspected and have fulfilled the requirements that pertain to their intended transport, between states, within a state, or to another country.

Each state determines its own requirements regarding these inspections and the time period in which they remain valid. However, often a certificate of veterinary inspection remains valid for 30 days. Some states may lengthen this time period to as long as six months.

When CVIs May Be Required

A CVI may be required in order to move one or more animals from one location to another or to have them legally participate in certain events and activities, such as rides, shows, and sales. The requirement for inspection helps ensure any animals being transported are not carrying parasites or diseases that may harm people or other animals at the destination site.

Before an animal qualifies for inclusion on a certificate of veterinary inspection, it may need to receive certain examinations, vaccinations, or other treatments or procedures before being transported. This is in addition to fulfilling certain physical health criteria and depends on the age, species, destination, origin, and purpose of travel of the animal.

At Vet Sentry, we offer an easier way to locate animals and the certificates tracked to their movements. We have developed a dependable system of search and retrieval that includes a very user-friendly interface that does not require much training to operate and provide you with exceptional results as a state certified veterinarian.

Give Vet Sentry a try if you need and easier way to obtain a certificate of veterinary inspection for your customers. For more information, give us a call today at 320.216.7617 or email scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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