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What is a Dog Health Certificate? Why is it Important?

Are you making plans to travel with your dog to another state, or beyond? If so, you will likely need a dog health certificate. If you have not heard about this document, don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed. The process of getting one of these certificates is not super complicated. At Vet Sentry, we can help you get the dog health certificate for travel you need to make sure you are legal when transporting your furry friend.

Here is some important information about dog health certificates for traveling:

What is a Dog Health Certificate for Travel?

A dog health certificate is similar to other certificates that verify the health of pets and animals. Another name for this document is a certificate of veterinary inspection. It confirms that a qualified veterinarian has done a thorough health checkup on the dog and that the dog is fully vaccinated and is not carrying any harmful, transmissible disease.

Information Required for a Dog Health Certificate

If you are transported a dog internationally, the dog health certificate for travel you need will include information such as the dog’s name, age, breed, color, and country of origin. It will also include information about the owner such as name, address, and phone number.

A dog health certificate will also include the treatments and vaccinations performed prior to travel. This certificate also confirms that your dog does not have fleas or parasites. The authorized veterinarian will also evaluate your dog for heartworm disease and prescribe any necessary preventative medication.

Dog vaccinations should be for distemper, rabies, parvovirus, hepatitis, and leptospirosis. Countries have different requirements for the rabies vaccination. You may be required by some countries to have this vaccination done 30 days prior to travel and have it included on the health certificate. The vaccination schedule should be less than one year old. It is prudent to find out about the required vaccinations and vaccination schedule as far in advance as possible when planning to travel with your dog.

Where to Get a Dog Health Certificate

The majority of states will accept a dog health certificate for travel from a licensed and accredited veterinarian. Once the veterinarian examines the dog and verifies that it cannot transmit disease to others while traveling and that the dog is safe to travel, the vet will approve and sign the certificate.

For an easy way to get the dog or other animal health certificates you need for your clients, try out Vet Sentry. For more information, give us a call today at 320.216.7617 or send us an email at scott@Vet-Sentry.com.

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